Demand and Supply Videos

Demand and Supply Videos:

Follow the links below to the videos on Demand and Supply, they are very similar because supply and demand are linked together.  After watching the videos answer the questions below.



Need more info on Supply and Demand?

This webpage does a pretty good job of explaining supply and demand:


Now that you Understand Supply and Demand Answer the Following Questions:  

1. Based on the videos explain when there would be a shortage and a surplus of candy.

2. How is the Law of Demand shown in this candy store example?

3. How is the Law of Supply shown in this candy store example?

4. What is the equilibrium price of the candy and why?


Show Your Understanding of Supply and Demand

Video - Analysis of Supply and Demand in this Movie Clip:

Directions: Watch this clip from the movie The Hudsucker Proxy. Then explain in at least one paragraph the events of the scene in economic terms.  Include the vocabulary: law of supply, law of demand, surplus, shortage, incentive, price.