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Women's Sufferage

Information on Susan B. Anthony:

Video of the Sojourner Truth Speech "Ain't I A Woman?"

Speech by Susan B Anthony upon her conviction for voting in 1873


Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday

This was sung for the first time in 1939 and graphically spoke to the racism of the era.  We often think of the civil rights movement as having started out of nowhere in the late 1950's but that was not true at all.  As and this song can attest, political statements were being made in segregated America long before the 1950's. 


Building the Panama Canal


Ed1Stop Video on the Building of the Canal and Theodore Roosevelt

Go to Ed1Stop then to School Help tab then to Learn360 icon. From there type into the search box: Theodore Roosevelt Panama Canal  - the first listing that comes up will be a 9 minute 42 second clip that will give you a basic overview of the political history of the Canal


Additional Links if you are curious:

Video of a current day crossing through the canal

Building history of the Canal

Timelapse of 1 week at the canal into several minutes

Brief history of the Canal (thanks to NCP Charter School students for this one!!)

Maps of the Canal as it was being built