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I am in my office from 8am until 3:15pm, Monday through Friday. 

My office phone number is (925) 634-2589 ext. 1094

If you would like to email me please use the Contact Me page of this site.

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This website is a resource for all of us to use, to help us keep track of things that are going on and to find the resources that we need.  Please go to your class page to find the class calendar, links to resources and files of class handout, assignments and PowerPoint presentations. 

I pledge to do my best to keep this website as current as possible, but please forgive me if it is lacking the most up to date information from time to time.

Please let me know if you are having trouble with the site or have suggestions for improvements.  Afterall it is here to help you so if it isn't let me know what I can do to improve it.

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