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Empires Test Study Guide

Notes: You will be allowed to use 1 page of hand written notes (front side of one standard size sheet of paper)

Test will be on the following sections of reading and your notes from the following videos and lectures:

Lecture and discussion notes comparing Emperors and Modern Leaders

Pgs. 81-86 on the Early Empires of India

Pgs. 98-103 on the Chinese Empires

Pgs. 138-143 on Alexander the Great

Pgs. 150-154 on the Roman Republic

Pgs. 159-162 on the Formation of the Roman Empire

Pgs. 175-178 on the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Video on the Chin Emperor - Timelines of Ancient Civilizations: Chinese Neolithic to Sui Dynasty (minutes -6:40-10:50)

Video on Alexander the Great- Famous People, Incredible Lives: Alexander the Great (minutes 1:00 - 6:50)

Video on Chandragupta Maurya -Timelines of Ancient Civilizations: India Alexander the Great to Modern Day (minutes 1:00 - 5:30)

If you want to watch the videos again here are the directions to find them:

go to (log in using the log in and password from the library bookmark)

click on the School Help tab and then on the Learn 360 icon - use the search box on Learn 360 to search for the titles of the videos listed above.


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